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Water softening alone, at times, can be sufficient for low pressure boilers. Check with the manufacturer for their recommendation. In addition to scale depositing calcium and magnesium minerals, boiler feed water often contains other deposits and minerals that are not effectively removed by the ion exchange process of a water softener. > Get A Quote >

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Water softeners are a common piece of pre-treatment equipment for boiler feed water. Water that is too hard quickly scales up the internal components of a boiler making heat-exchange far less efficient and eventually destroying the boiler. Water softeners also significantly reduce or … > Get A Quote >

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The term may also be applied to raw water intended for use in boilers, treated boiler feedwater, steam condensate being returned to a boiler, or boiler blowdown being removed from a boiler. > Get A Quote >

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Jan 12, 2013· So if they say it in the Potterton manual your boiler should be okay, with an approved water softener on the DHW and a inhibitor in the system side. > Get A Quote >

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Indeed Veissmann boilers actually ask for the boiler to be filled with softened water during the installation, (they will even hire a water softener to the installer to enable them to use softened water). For many years it has be thought that softened water increased corrosion within aluminium boiler heat … > Get A Quote >

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Water softeners will introduce sodium compounds into the boiler’s water supply to negate the presence of any calcium and magnesium, effectively resolving the hard water problem. A water softener will reduce the risk of hard scaling inside the boiler, improve the flow of water, ensure maximum levels of efficiency, and help your boiler avoid failures or any kind of damage that could reduce its lifespan. > Get A Quote >

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Hard water clogs the tubes and water side of your boiler system, leaving calcium scale deposits that can degrade over 30% boiler efficiency loss. Water softening systems eliminate hard water and scale build up by introducing soluble sodium compounds (rock salt, solar salt, evaporated salt) to the water system. > Get A Quote >

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Author: Michele Tomas When it comes to protecting your investment, and taking care of your boiler, soft water is absolutely critical. The Importance of Water Softeners The most common cause of overheating and failure of boiler tubes is when hard scale forms on the boiler tube surfaces. > Get A Quote >

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The GE 40 200-Grain Water Softener System features The GE 40 200-Grain Water Softener System features SmartSoft technology that monitors water usage and … > Get A Quote >

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The is a high purity salt that can effectively soften your water to prevent the buildup of scale in any part of your plumbing system. As you may know, such an effect can be especially devastating to your boiler and water heaters, and the Morton Pure and Natural salt works great with your water softener to … > Get A Quote >

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The Sentinel System. Lifetime protection for hydronic heating and hot water systems with the best practice process of Clean, Protect and Maintain. Now with magnetic filtration, a slim profile and a 10 year guarantee. Browse our range of products to find the best practice solution for your needs. Got a question? We've developed a comprehensive > Get A Quote >