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Pellet heaters can also be used as supplemental heat sources for wide areas in your house. You can use it for aesthetic purposes when the temperatures are not so low, or to lower your overall heating bills. > Get A Quote >

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Find wood pellets at Lowe's today. Shop wood pellets and a variety of heating & cooling products online at > Get A Quote >

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Save BIG and heat any room in your home with our selection of efficient pellet stoves. > Get A Quote >

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Mar 11, 2020· Pellet stoves will generally pump out more heat and heat a larger area than a wall mount propane heater. But of course, a pellet stove cannot compete with a central unit that heats an entire house. As a very broad statement – both heater types are similar when it comes to space heating. > Get A Quote >

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  • Pelpro Pellet Stove — 50,000 Btu, EPA-Certified, Model# Pp130 · Drolet Eco-65 Pellet Heater Find pellet stoves at Lowe's today. Shop pellet stoves and a variety of heating & cooling products online at > Get A Quote >

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The Legend II wood stove is a high The Legend II wood stove is a high efficiency wood stove in the XL wood stoves category. This stylish leg model is EPA certified and is mobile home approved. Its large firebox allows it to fit logs up to 20 in. long. A premium quality crossflow blower with variable speed > Get A Quote >

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4.4/5(25) Jun 22, 2019· Pellet stoves burn pellets or compressed woods to produce heats. In a pellet stove, the fuel (wood pellets) is stored in the hopper and a mechanical chain feed this stored pellets to the burn pot where the actual combustion of a pellet stove takes place. > Get A Quote >

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Pellet heaters, also called pellet ovens or stoves, are a cost effective, efficient and clean way of heating your home. Instead of using chopped wood for heating, pellet heaters use sawdust or shavings, which are a byproduct of the timber industry, compressed into pellets for use in these heaters. > Get A Quote >

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Pleasant Hearth Cabinet Style Pellet StoveThis is a high efficiency pellet stove that produces sufficient heat for an area of up to 2,200 square feet. The stove has an EPA certification, anCastle 12327 Serenity Wood Pellet StoveThis is a good pellet burning stove that produces enough warm air to keep a surface of up to 1,500 square feet nice and cozy in the cold season. ThUs Stove R5824 Pellet StoveThis pellet stove is a good heating solution for a smaller rather than a large space. With a heating capacity of only 30,000 BTU, this unit can beComfortbilt Pellet Stove HP50This is one of the best rated pellet stoves in our list. It has a heating capacity of 42,000 BTU, which should be sufficient for an area of up to 1Ashley Indoor Pellet StoveThis small pellet stove uses the same heating engine as larger units, but it uses a very compact casing. This allows it to produce a large amount oHow Do Pellet Stoves Work?They might look simple once they’re installed, but pellet stoves use a complex mechanism to allow you the control over the heat output and the amouAdvantages of Pellet Stoves1. Cheap Heating Solution – Even though a pellet stove might seem expensive at a glance, look at it as an investment. You have to pay more money atHow to Choose The Best Pellet Stove – Buying GuideFinding the best pellet stove for your home is not as simple as it might seem. These are complex heaters, and all of them are different. Some produWood Stove vs Pellet StoveWood and pellet stoves work in a similar way, and both heating systems have advantages and disadvantages. 1. Installation – Installing a wood stovePellet Stove InstallationPellet stoves need to be installed according to the local legislation, so unless you’re experienced in installing this kind of stoves, the best way Masonry heaters are also known as "Russian," "Siberian," and "Finnish" fireplaces. They produce more heat and less pollution than any other wood- or pellet-burning appliance. Masonry heaters include a firebox, a large masonry mass (such as bricks), and long twisting … > Get A Quote >

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Pellet stoves are high efficiency heaters. Here we share what to consider when selecting and buying a pellet stove insert. These high-efficiency heaters let you turn down the household thermostat while warming your rooms, providing ambience, and reducing your energy bills. > Get A Quote >